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Leutner Dining Café opens to pleasant reviews

Julia Clancy

Issue date: 9/3/10 Section: News
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The new Leutner Dining Café features a variety of new amenities, including a 24-hour study space, and a radically different aesthetic. Sophomore Mason Yu also said of the new design,
Media Credit: Denton Zhou
The new Leutner Dining Café features a variety of new amenities, including a 24-hour study space, and a radically different aesthetic. Sophomore Mason Yu also said of the new design, "I don't really know what a seven-million-dollar renovation is supposed to look like, but it almost looks like a five-star hotel restaurant."
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Much like discussing weather, family, and politics seems to be a safety net for those unskilled in the art of conversation, so to is discussing the quality of cafeteria food. Asking almost anybody that eats in a cafeteria about the food is like asking an engineering major "Mac or PC?" You guarantee yourself an emotionally charged, detail-oriented conversation lasting no less than 30 minutes, free of awkward silences.

When we eat in cafeterias, we often don't taste the food with our palates, but with the conditioning we got as kids from TV cafeteria shows in which cafeterias served moldy meatloaf, prisoner's bread, and shapeless nuggets of recycled meat. So what happens when the food we eat is actually good?

The new Leutner Dining Cafe' is certainly getting pleasant reviews. Sophomore Rachel Kim, who frequented Leutner as a freshman, is thrilled. "Oh, it's definitely better this year," she said, "The food has changed completely."

Sophomore Jon Borgetti offered compliments in a different way. "Well at least this year the salad doesn't look like it was in a plastic bag for a month," he said. But he also confessed, "It's a nice, simple place to eat; there's more variety and it no longer tastes entirely like crap. Sushi everyday in L3 is also awesome; they should do that upstairs too."

The addition of the new "small plates" station, where small-portioned creative entrées are served, was on many pro- Leutner lists. Sophomore Lizzie Furuta thinks they give the cafeteria a high-class, gourmet feeling. "I'm always wondering what the small plate will be next," she said. Others expressed similar feelings. "It's always an explosion of flavor on my palate," said Sophomore Mason Yu. Junior Kevin Pfister said, "they're good because they encourage 'small' eating."
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