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          Sex and Dating

          Erika and Chelsea, the girls next door

          Issue date: 8/27/10 Section: Opinion
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          It's the end of the first week. You met new people in your classes and in your dorms, picked up a few phone numbers, and hoped your lack of dating experience in high school wasn't completely apparent in the way you said hello. If this isn't your first semester back on campus maybe you made eyes at that someone you were dating at the end of last semester, or cocked a smile at a vulnerable freshman. And now it's the weekend… possibility.

          Of course, your weekend could go in multiple directions. You could stay in and study (how very "Case kid" of you). Maybe you'll go home because your miss you mom or your friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Or maybe you'll play WoW all weekend alone in your room. While those are all viable options, this advice is not for you. This is for those of you that manage to experience the CWRU party scene this weekend.

          We have several comments about the party scene at this school, but the point of this column isn't to tell you what fraternity or apartment on Hessler to spend your weekend at. The point is that for those of you that do manage to leave your dorm rooms, things might happen. You might find yourself drunk and making out on a stranger's couch, in all likelihood with a stranger. If your sexual exploits make it further than this, you may wake up less than fully clothed in the top bunk of a floor-mate. Or, in someone else's bed.

          Come Monday though, you will have to return to class, glance around nervously and hope that no one in any of your classes witnessed your eventful/embarrassing/provocative/drunk/classless/all-in-good-fun weekend. What will they think of you? Was your reputation on campus just sealed in one moment of drunken passion? Here are some loose guidelines as to whether or not you should begin to consider yourself, for lack of a better term, a slut.

          Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you telling people that you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? This may seem obvious to some, but it is not. Long distance relationships take many different forms in college, one of which is deny, deny, deny.
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