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          A final fling for finals

          Sex and Dating

          Erika and Chelsea, the girls next door

          Issue date: 4/23/10 Section: Focus
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          Spring finals are a unique time in college. You're stressed, but you're trying to make every moment count before you leave your friends for a few months, or, for seniors, indefinitely. But think about the possibilities; during this time you can spend the night with whomever and allow the summer to erase all judgment of the event. Either no one has to know, or the memory will be a drunken blur for all eyewitnesses and by August, they will be forgotten.

          While most columns will give you advice on making your romance survive the summer or how to pick up a summer fling, we'd like to take a broader scope. Sure, you may have the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend and your love will withstand the test of freedom from CWRU, but if your post-finals conversation involves the line "No, I'm not going to call you this summer and now that you bring it up, let's break up..." there are other options. 

          First, note the end of the semester parties.  In our younger days at this school we would have "Clean Your Cabinets" parties post-finals.  As the title suggests, we would do our best to consume the things we couldn't take home with us. These are best if you randomly invite strangers to join you as if it's the first week of Welcome Days.  You get a new group of people to mingle with and broaden your pool of available play.

          For those older and able to get into bars that are not Uptowne, the pool to select from is more diluted of our classmates.  Think about the kind of person you want to spend the night with and choose a bar they are likely to frequent.

          Next, think like a senior. Whether you are a senior or not, keep in mind that most of them are graduating, i.e. leaving this campus - and probably Cleveland - for good, thus avoiding the awkwardness of randomly running into them in Thwing. You will be but a fragment in the seven days called Senior Week, and many have thrown caution to the wind and are ready to make poorly thought-out decisions. Be sure to make sure to avoid the ones that can't seem to leave campus despite graduating. Others that fall into this category are: studying abroad or co-oping the next semester, or transferring.

          If you do insist upon keeping the relationship over the next few months, make sure to lay the ground rules with your significant other. Are you casually dating? Dating exclusively? In a serious relationship? Depending on your situation, you can't expect them to call, text, Gchat, and Facebook you every day. Use the time to see where things are going. Don't let your relationship hold you back from being your own person when you are apart.

          One last thought before you disregard this column for your bio book: everyone is up studying and can use a break, and it is never too late to send that text.  In the words of the kid that just walked by our study room, "The best way to de-stress is to have as much sex as possible."
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