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          More Williams, less defense

          Kabir Gulati

          Issue date: 4/9/10 Section: Sports
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          The NBA is becoming the point guard's playhouse.

          Yes, the big scorers and the guys that get all the glory are the guard/forwards like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant, and Carmelo Anthony. But recently there has been a shift towards realizing the importance of having an elite point guard. The Western Conference, which has been the dominant conference, winning seven of the last 10 championships, is loaded with elite point guards to run their teams. Talented players like Steve Nash, Deron Williams, Chauncey Billups, Jason Kidd, Tony Parker, and Chris Paul dwarf the talent that resides in the East.

          Also, recent drafts have shown a preference for a high ceiling point guards coming out of college. Derrick Rose was chosen by Chicago over a dominant scoring option in Michael Beasley two years ago. In the first round of last year's draft, 33 percent of the picks were point guards, and in this year's upcoming draft, the hot prospect is freshman John Wall of Kentucky, who LeBron James has already said should be the first draft pick.

          So with point-guard play becoming more and more important in the NBA, the question is, can the Cavs cope with having just an average point guard in the playoffs?

          Everyone in Cleveland loves lil' Mo Williams for his clutch threes and baby face, but his defense is awful and there is no getting around it. Does he have what it takes to cover some of the great point guards he will face these playoffs? It's possible he will face Rose in his first-round matchup. Rose is becoming a great scorer and if he had someone to pass to, he would be averaging many more assists per game.

          Then, most likely, it's on to Rajon Rondo, who not only is an oversized point guard, but has also developed into one of the most consistent point guards in the game. In the conference finals, we can only guess that Williams will be facing Jameer Nelson, a guard who preys on defenders who do not know how to stop him from getting into the lane. And finally, the finals will, without a doubt, present Mo with a point guard that can take advantage of his defensive woes.

          But I think the Cavs have, in the past few weeks, figured out the right formula for success on how to use Mo. Even without having the ball in his hand most of the game, the man still is averaging 15 points and 5 assists, obviously showing he needs to be given minutes. But when it comes to the fourth quarter, give point guard duties to Delonte West. Offensively there is a dropoff, but the fourth quarter is LeBron's home, his sanctuary, the place he goes to feel happy. He takes over on the offensive end while Delonte locks up on defense; sounds like a recipe for success.
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