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          Ghosts of freshman year past: looking back on the simple days

          Anna Gunther

          Issue date: 4/9/10 Section: Opinion
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          Time indeed makes the heart grow fonder. Case in point: how nostalgic I've become for the simpler days of my underclassman experience. It took me about a week to realize that my nostalgia has been skewed by the past three years. It's similar to how when I think back on high school I tend to remember the few parties I went to, instead of having yelling matches with my mom about how she was ruining my life. The same thing has begun to happen since the day I bought my cap and gown during the grad fair. Instead of relief that I would finally be done with school, I felt a twinge of sadness and the overwhelming desire to stay here forever.

          The concept of nostalgia is so strong that it prompts us to act younger and none-the-wiser than our age should warrant. In fact, Merriam-Webster defines nostalgia as the state of being homesick. It's more potent and emotional than a memory. This seems to make sense, because when I reminisce about freshman year; I only remember the good times. Also, I've noticed a trend of seniors out drinking on a Friday night talking about all the good times they used to have back in 2006. However, there is no way to spin the days of colonial club and RAs. In reality, I wasn't really having the time of my life. I was probably having a tough time trying to make friends.

          I think I've been longing for freshman year because it's easier than having to deal with the fear of the future. However, as long as I'm in denial, I might as well stay here and look back on the freshman memories, that, like a fine wine (and some IDs), have gotten better with age.

          Wackadoo's: I remember having class with a senior my first semester at CWRU and listening to her tell me that she goes to Wackadoo's (now the Jolly Scholar) to drink with her friends every Friday afternoon for happy hour. I actually waited three years to do it, and that beer does indeed taste better inside a student center.

          Having a roommate: Of course looking back I see having a roommate as a fun adventure with a stranger. We had a blast rearranging our furniture every few months and keeping our minifridge stocked with junk food. Although, I have somehow forgotten about the awful bunk beds and how mad I probably made her over how messy I am (sorry!).
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