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          Letters to the Editor: firearms and Greek funding

          Issue date: 3/26/10 Section: Opinion
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          Firearm in restroom means reason for concern

          On March 11, I received a very disturbing security alert, stating that someone had left a firearm in the restroom in the engineering buildings. It stated that the individual responsible was a security officer from a private company and was authorized to carry a firearm on campus. After some contemplation, I came up with three possible scenarios, none of them acceptable.

          The first scenario is exactly as the alert read: a private security guard was authorized to carry a firearm on campus. Private security guards are not trained to carry and handle firearms, as is evidenced by the fact that the officer left a firearm in a public location. A properly trained individual would immediately realize that they were missing their weapon. Also of concern is the statement that this individual was "authorized" to carry a firearm on our campus. It is illegal to carry a firearm or deadly weapon on campus and a valid license does not authorize the carry of a weapon, as per ORC 2923.126 (B). The law specifically states that unlike most private employers, universities cannot authorize employees to carry firearms. Fortunately, we have a real police force on campus, which is authorized to carry weapons, and there is absolutely no reason we should hire anyone else to protect the campus.

          The second scenario is that this private security officer was not truly authorized to carry a firearm on campus. If this is the case, the university is doing us a disservice by trying to cover up for someone who is criminally carrying a weapon on campus.

          The final scenario is that this was not a private security officer, but an officer of the UCPD. I sincerely hope that this is not the case because our police force should be expertly trained in the deployment of their weapons. Because members of the university community are not legally allowed to defend themselves, we must rely fully on the police force. Any officer carrying a firearm on campus should know exactly how to draw, present, and use his firearm, and when it is appropriate to do so. Any officer who is not 100 percent comfortable and confident in the use of deadly force with their firearm should not be carrying a gun.

          This recent security incident shows us that something needs to be fixed. Our campus should be secured by trained police officers, not private security officers. If our police are not good enough, hire more people or provide better training. If an outside company wishes to bring their own security guards when visiting campus, they must follow the law and leave their firearms in their vehicle. Finally, we are depending on our police officers to defend our lives if necessary. Our police officers need to train with their firearms at minimum once a month, and be prepared and able to use deadly force if it becomes necessary. There is no excuse for anyone to leave a firearm in a restroom. Anyone legally carrying a firearm on campus needs to be in full control of it at all times. At the first sign that this is not the case, that individual should no longer be permitted to carry a firearm on campus.

          Ken Craymer, graduate student

          Greeks should not receive cut in SAF money

          In response to last week's letter to the editor on Greek Life and SAF funds: wow, just wow.

          The whole 'argument' of the letter was that Greek life shouldn't get money because all they do is complain about Greek Week for months anyway, and it annoys the writer.

          In contrast, here are some facts (from a non-Greek):

          1. Greek life is open to every single member of this campus community. Want to participate in Greek Week? Then next semester rush a fraternity and you'll be in!
          2. The SEC has a sole purpose: to govern member organizations and dole out the SAF funds, which total almost 1.1 million dollars per year. They have been doing this without budgets from member organizations (in violation of their own constitution), which is irresponsible and an extreme disservice to all members of the campus community.
          3. If the SEC proposal is really about the morality of inclusion in student groups on campus, it needs to address all member organizations receiving SAF funds, otherwise such a policy does indeed seem vindictive. Many other groups have restrictive policies on events that are paid for by SAF funding, and should be reviewed (but see #5).
          4. Greek life organizations enrich and involve the entire campus community. Events are open to attendance by all and chapters put in countless hours of charity events and service both on campus and in the community. I cannot think of other SEC member organizations that have as much positive impact on campus.
          5. All events hosted on campus by student groups simply cannot include everyone. People choose not to participate, but that does not equate to exclusion. If I, for example, only want my SAF fee to go the ultimate frisbee team (my main extracurricular pursuit), that would be absurd.

          Greek life funding from the SAF fund should stay as it is currently in effect, and SEC should inform the campus community of SAF allocations in a more proper and timely manner. Although the SEC chairs represent elected officials from campus organizations, SAF funding proposals should attempt to include more campus input via referendums or a similar measure of undergraduate student opinions.

          Michael Lyrenman, undergraduate student
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            posted 3/25/10 @ 9:06 PM EST

            I think it was decided on the Case Forums ( that the private security officer was the armored truck driver collecting from the ATM in Nord. (Continued…)

            (1 reply)   Details   Reply to this comment


            posted 3/25/10 @ 9:48 PM EST

            Just because anonymous people on a forum decide something and it seems likely doesn't mean that something certainly happened. It may well be the case, but we don't know for sure, and I don't think that means that Ken doesn't have a point. (Continued…)

            Details   Reply to this comment


            posted 3/29/10 @ 8:06 AM EST

            It is not against the law for armored ATM cash person to have a gun on campus. You better consult with a lawyer before spreading false information.

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