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          Editorial: A review of information accessibility

          Issue date: 3/5/10 Section: Opinion
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          Many campus organizations intend to use the Internet to their advantage. More than ever, group memberships, event schedules, and meeting minutes are made available online. In practice, however, organizations sometimes simply forget or neglect to provide accurate information. This editorial is intended to review the accessibility of online information at Case Western Reserve University and note where major groups can improve.

          USG, an organization that has emphasized transparency in particular this year, posts reliable executive committee minutes and holds televised general assembly meetings. But other USG committees are hit-or-miss; some committee minutes and agendas are up-to-date and punctual while others are entirely absent. Collegiatelink was just launched, and it remains to be seen how it will be utilized. But ideally, it will work to enhance USG's goals of making information more accessible.

          SEC's agendas and meetings have not been updated since September. While SEC meetings are typically open to any who would like to attend, the meetings are often scheduled at the last minute and aren't publicized at all in advance. SEC should also do a better job of asking their constituent groups to post budgetary information in a timely manner-as of this week, only one of SEC's five constituent groups had spring 2009 budgetary information available online through SEC.

          UPB does a good job at communicating upcoming events, meetings, and current membership. They invite attendance at their general meetings. Class Officer Collective, however, has an underwhelming online presence and have not updated minutes in over a year, despite each class having an elected secretary. Media Board does not make its minutes available publicly, and while individual media organizations have information of varying quality online, the actual Media Board site is outdated. IFC and Panhel both keep good minutes and distribute them along with agendas to chapters, but this information isn't easily accessible to the public.

          Given the reliance on the accessibility of information via the Internet in today's society, there is no reason that information isn't posted in a more reliable manner. Many groups with information upkeep issues have members with webmaster or secretarial duties who could be doing a better job - since communication is key among student groups, and it's the main focus of such jobs in the first place.
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            Michael Lyrenmann

            posted 3/05/10 @ 1:55 PM EST

            I completely and totally agree.

            Each of the above-mentioned organizations, as a condition for receiving SAF funds, has an obligation to timely and accurately report their budget and meeting information so that the campus community can see how their money is being used. (Continued…)

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