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          Step up the drama with SEC

          Worst Case Scenario

          Ruchi Asher

          Issue date: 3/5/10 Section: Focus
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          Aesop's Fables and Meredith Brooks had warned the world: Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true. As someone who writes a weekly column about everything I dislike about the student experience at Case Western Reserve University - selfish sidewalk sharers, projectile acorn launching, the famous CWRU workload, just to name a few - I'm well aware that there's much to be desired here on this campus. The problem is, once in a while, some of the factors I imagined would make this campus a much more interesting place all of a sudden pop up among these negative qualities. I remember last year, sitting in on student union meetings at the London School of Economics and wishing CWRU was just as exciting: people got really angry and threw leftover food wrappers at each other. It was brilliant. It was dramatic. And I really wished USG meetings were as much fun.

          Flash forward to the 2009 - 2010 school year: USG is being just as administrative and civil as ever, but have you heard of Student Executive Council? I most certainly hadn't until the beginning of this semester. While USG was unable to provide the drama and excitement I imagined a student governing body should embrace, SEC has risen to the occasion spectacularly. Tempers are flaring, name-calling abounds, and for once, it seems like portions of this campus are legitimately passionate about something. I'm giving it maybe two weeks (because this coming one is spring break) before people actually start hurling lunches or blunt weapons at one another instead of death glares and mumbled accusations.

          Except this wasn't the excitement I anticipated. I was thinking something more along the lines of campus solidarity against, say, John Carroll. Or CMU. Or maybe, let's argue about some sort of stance that the university should take on social or political issues: one of my favorite heated arguments last year was between Israel Society and Palestine Society about the degree of anti-Semitism on the CWRU campus. Granted, all these are outside the realm of SEC. What we're all up in arms about, instead, is the use of our Student Activities Fee. It's just money and politics, of the student variety, and it really should be interesting. Add in sex to the money and politics game, and you've got all the makings of a prime-time drama.

          The problem is, this isn't fun, and it's only mildly entertaining. Instead, it's masses of student groups feeling like they're being attacked, one at a time. I get it: SEC is trying to ensure fair and accountable use of the Student Activities Fee, but I hear last week's SEC meeting was almost 3.5 hours long. There's really nothing exciting about that kind of drama. It's stressful and nerve-wracking for those involved, and utterly boring for those who aren't. This wasn't exactly what I was looking for when I wanted our governing bodies to have a bit more spice. Dramatic as it is, I'm not sure whether this is the kind of movement that will make our campus a intriguing place, most particularly when I've got sunshine and spring break on my mind.
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