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          Dressing handsomely at CWRU

          CWRU Runway

          Emily Mikhail

          Issue date: 3/5/10 Section: Focus
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          [Click to enlarge]
          Jared Mahler (left), a self-described
          Jared Mahler (left), a self-described "trendsetter," goes for a formal approach upon attending a fraternity chapter meeting, while Joe Volzer (right), who identifies as "The Urban Chic guy," pays significant attention to his footwear.
          [Click to enlarge]
          Since week after week I write for the ladies, I thought I would get the male perspective on fashion for once. My male fashion knowledge is limited to whatever aesthetically pleases me. So instead of the traditional "wear this, avoid that" speech I usually give, I decided to let the real male fashion experts do the talking. I found the most fashionable CWRU fellas that I could and got them talking shoes, sweaters, and style inspirations. Here's what they had to say:

          Jared Mahler: "The Trendsetter"

          21 years old

          Originally from Evanston, Ill.

          EM: Describe your style in one word.

          JM: Eclectic.

          EM: Tell me a little bit about your outfit.

          JM: I am wearing khakis, a blue striped shirt, a maroon tie with white stripes, and a herringbone blazer. I am dressed up for formal chapter for my fraternity. It is a way to look dressed up without having to put on a suit.

          EM: Do you consider yourself fashionable, and why?

          JM:Yes, because I like to wear different things every day and I like to stand out instead of blend into the crowd.

          EM: What inspires your style?

          JM: I would say art and design and the people within those fields. I like to see what really creative people are wearing and that inspires me to take more risks with my outfits.

          EM: What advice would you give your fellow CWRU males?

          JM: Don't just buy into the mainstream fashion ideas, like the same old tired brand names. Try to wear different things and take risks to stand out. Don't be afraid of color or trying new styles. Everyone has the clothes they like, but it seems like they secretly think they'll be judged.

          Joe Volzer: "The Urban Chic guy"

          24 years old

          Originally from Canton, Ohio

          EM: Describe your style in one word.

          JV: Fresh

          EM: Tell me a little bit about your outfit?

          JV: I'm wearing a long sleeved collared striped shirt, an argyle sweater, a pair of jeans, and Retro Jordan 1 low tops.

          EM: You seem to know a lot about shoes. How many pairs of kicks would you say you have?

          JV: I don't know... 20 to 25, I think.

          EM: Are shoes your favorite fashion accessory?

          JV: Without question! A close second would be undershirt T-shirts.

          EM: What inspires your style?

          JV: This cat named Justin Nawman. You wouldn't know him; he's the world's biggest footnote. He taught me about swagger. He's a big man with a lazy eye, not a great looking dude, but he has a commanding presence about him. It's more about the attitude, which I think I adopted from him. If he was a good looking broad, he would take over the world.

          EM: What fashion advice would you give your fellow CWRU fellas?

          JV: Dressing well is only partially about vanity. Take a goddamn shower for one. Well, it's not so much the shower as much as wash your hair. Wear clothing that fits, so, don't wear short pants - they look silly. You don't have to wear a T-shirt to tell everyone you're funny, you could just be funny. When I see people with dumb slogans on their shirt, I assume the most interesting thing they have to say is on their shirt. Keep your shoes clean. It doesn't matter how well you dress; if you have dirty kicks, you might as well be naked. Details are important. The reason why I like undershirts so much is they can really make certain colors pop that you wouldn't otherwise pay attention to.
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