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Spread the love, spread disease

Kuiper Beltran, Casanova-in-training

Issue date: 1/22/10 Section: Sex and Dating
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Sadly, as college-age individuals are wont to do, many foolishly pursue romance even in the coldest and most hazardous of seasons. If you find yourself compelled to seek interaction, make sure you do so in a prudent manner. One approach is to urge your company to eliminate any interaction that could lead to the spread of flu germs, such as making physical contact or inhaling. Alternatively, you can create an environment which is inhospitable to the flu virus by turning up the thermostat up to a reasonable level of 180 degrees, which should be high enough to kill the flu virus. This warmer environment is also highly conducive to romance as well, as long as you do not mind the smell of burning flesh.

The harsh winter conditions also offer you a unique opportunity to demonstrate your worthiness as a mate. Because there are fewer people actively dating, you have less competition, and the size of your potential pool doesn't necessarily decrease if you are proactive in seeking out potential dates. Just remember, if you are initiating the date, you should also be the one to pay for the surgical masks for both you and your partner.
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    posted 1/22/10 @ 5:55 PM EST

    I think i will take that risk and continue having contact with the human race. :)

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