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It takes two to have unsafe sex

Letters to the Editor

Mark Wrobleski

Issue date: 11/20/09 Section: Opinion
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If you'll continue to be so kind as to publish me, I would like to make a regular thing of it to write in opposition to the Sex and Dating column, because in good conscience, I can't read such nonsense and remain quiet.

Last week's column began with the question, in reference to birth control and in particular, condom use, "Guys, why is it our responsibility to keep our uteruses empty and your packages disease-free?" As a lad, this rather irritates me, because it foolishly presupposes that men have pointed their collective finger at women and said, once and for all, "You are responsible for making sure sex is safe." This is simply not true.

To make matters worse, the authors don't even bother to cite data, but rather, state anecdotally that the sexual irresponsibility of men is purely based on "their experience." May I suggest that perhaps certain kinds of women attract certain kinds of men? They go on to discuss how cheap and easy it is for men to carry condoms (I concede the point), but then state, "Guys, you can easily slip one in your wallet next to your driver's license and leave it there." It is a known fact that condoms survive best (and by survive, I mean don't develop small holes in them, which defeats the purpose) when kept in a pocket or - excuse my suggestion - a purse.

This is followed by yet another bold-faced, unsupported claim. "Girls know [condoms] are important and almost unfailingly possess at least one at a time." Guys don't know condoms are important? Ladies and gentlemen, it gets worse. "And while we are still on the subject, let us say that the appropriate time to ask your "hook up" if they are on birth control is not while sitting on the porch, sharing a cigarette, after having unprotected sex."

Is it not just as irresponsible for a girl to have sex with a guy without first asking if he has a condom as it is for a guy to "sneak it in" before she notices? It takes two to have unsafe sex. I find myself asking if the girls writing this column want to be taken seriously. It is my sincere hope that they do not, because the whole enterprise would make quite a bit more sense if that were the case. If the girls next door truly wanted to encourage men to carry condoms, then it would have been best for them to cite some hard data (I couldn't resist the pun here) on how condoms prevent pregnancy and STDs rather than make ad hominem generalizations based on their own experiences.
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    Anna Gunther

    posted 11/20/09 @ 11:23 AM EST

    Everyone has their own personal experiences with practicing safe sex. The sex columnists wrote about their own experiences, that I am positive many girls on this campus have experienced and can relate to, regardless of this author's comments. (Continued…)

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    Stephanie V

    posted 11/20/09 @ 9:35 PM EST

    There are plenty of ways to make your point without resorting to the virgin/whore dichotomy. I find it funny that you admonished the writers for "ad hominem generalizations" when you are guilty of the same fallacy. (Continued…)

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    book report writing

    posted 11/23/09 @ 9:52 AM EST

    Well, it's easier to blame guys than to think twice before having sex))

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