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Nine easy ways to save money in college

Danielle Bly

Issue date: 10/16/09 Section: News
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Your parents were right- clipping coupons is an easy way to save yourself a couple of dollars the next time you visit the grocery store.
Your parents were right- clipping coupons is an easy way to save yourself a couple of dollars the next time you visit the grocery store.
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So you've tried applying for scholarships, grant money, and student loans, but you're still having trouble paying for college? Or maybe college is paid for, but you want a little extra spending money? Here are a few tips on how to save money while in college.

Get a free checking and savings account -Are you paying any fees for your checking or savings account (ATMs , fund transfers, check writing, etc.)? If so, you're paying too much. Tons of banks have absolutely free checking and savings accounts that will never cost you one dime to own. Also make sure that you get free online banking - this can simplify your banking and make it easier to keep track of your money.

Pay your credit card bills on time - Have you ever noticed that number in the fine print of your credit card contract stating the APR? This tiny number has huge consequences when you do not pay your bills on time. Some credit cards charge as much as 30 percent interest on your balance! The interest you'll be paying by not paying your bill is simply a waste of money.

Save your spare change - A dime here, a quarter there…it all adds up. Designate a mug or small storage device that you can drop your spare change into every day when you come home. This cash adds up fast, easily saving enough money for a lunch or dinner in no time flat.

Buy your textbooks online - New textbooks are obviously expensive, and most often the bookstore does not have any used copies of the text to help defray the cost. The internet, on the other hand, has unlimited possibilities. It takes a few minutes, but this short amount of time to search websites such as Amazon Marketplace,, and others will save you literally hundreds of dollars every semester.

Sell your used textbooks online - So you're done with a class and will never need to know the information again…what do you do with the book? Sell it, of course! Sure, you can sell your books back to the bookstore for some money (assuming the professor is using the same edition next semester), but usually you can make much more money by selling your used textbooks through popular websites like Amazon Marketplace. Setting up a seller account is easy - you just have to pay a small fee based on a percentage of your sales. The money you make can be wired directly into your bank account.
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    posted 10/22/09 @ 4:57 PM EST

    Selling books online is a great way to get money back from your books. I have tried and two semesters ago but it took to many trips to the post office since the items sold at different times. (Continued…)

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