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    New movie review site combines Facebook with Rotten Tomatoes

    Reem Azem

    Issue date: 4/10/09 Section: Focus
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    There's nothing like watching previews at a movie theatre before the feature starts, with a bucket of popcorn in one hand and a large Coke in the other. Every so often comes a trailer for a movie that you are just dying to see. If you're a big enough fan, you'll re-watch the trailer almost every day, and even count down the days until the movie is released (Twilight anyone?). Finally, the opening day arrives, and you already have your night planned around the showtime. But somehow throughout the course of the day, you get your hands on a review and according to the critic, the movie's a dive.

    Months later, you rent the same movie at blockbuster and you simply adore it. Why did you listen to the critics in the first place? You could've just believed your friends when they told you that you'd love it. Good taste is subjective, and you're always going to be more inclined to take advice from someone in your position rather than someone who is paid to share their taste.

    Popcorn Confessions is a new website created by Michael Stubblefield that allows movie buffs to write and share reviews and recommendations based on compatible tastes. While anyone can read the reviews posted on the site, registration with Popcorn Confessions includes even more features. Registered users can write and vote on reviews using a five-star system, recommend certain films, edit profiles, add friends, and send messages. It's like film Facebook, without the stalker vibe of news feed and status updates. And unlike other website registrations that sometimes ask for a credit card number for "verification," Popcorn Confessions only requires your name and email address in order to create a username.

    The site is eye catching, displaying a lot of red and gold (characteristic of the film industry). Towards the top of the page are tabs with several genres ranging from action to documentary to sci-fi. There are links to new movie reviews as well as the top movie reviews at the time of access. The website is not yet fully developed, so more features, such as blogs and an automatic recommendation engine, are on their way.
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