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    Sex and Dating: The benefits of casual sex

    Dr. Desiree, Sex Therapist

    Issue date: 3/6/09 Section: Focus
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    "I'm kinda surprised we haven't done it," I tell my friend.

    "I know, we've come close," he responds.

    There is a time when you are single that you start to notice people differently. All friends that are lumped together suddenly receive a gender. You start to notice the opposite sex in more detail. This stems from the mutual respect and admiration that brings two people together as friends in the first place. This turns into curiosity.

    So the obvious question becomes, "Should I go there?" I have discussed in the past the pros and cons of sex with a friend, f--- buddies, and random hook-ups. However, it all comes down to circumstances, and less about a two-sided list. I have always considered myself a girlfriend girl: the type of girl who doesn't sleep around and falls hard and fast. This should signal not to mess with what fate has told me in the past. But, on the other hand, sex does wonders for stress levels. We all need some extra endorphins to get through midterms.

    Casual sex can be lots of fun if you know what you're doing. Casual blowjobs have been around since middle school, and have been cited as an "epidemic" by many in the adult world. While I agree that young students engaging in sexual activity before they are ready is a terrible idea, we are all a bit older and wiser now. People have a lot of oral sex because the consequences seem less severe. No one really feels bad about getting drunk and making out with a friend, so this is essentially just taking it one step further.

    Casual sex is not just one category though. There is the one night stand, the f--- buddy, or even boredom. There are also a variety of techniques to get the ball rolling. You can't just come out and say it all the time. One tried and true method is the "watch a movie" method. Call a friend over; grab some grub, maybe a beer or two, and then just 'watch a movie' together. Another is to flirt with your friend for a week, and then call them up at midnight to "hang out." They'll get the picture.

    The nice thing about having a low-key sexual relationship with a friend is that you get to skip all the awkward morning-after stuff. You already have a good time with them. Further still, you don't have to sugar coat it to protect their feelings. Having sex and then going home to sleep in your own bed is acceptable. You also don't have to pretend to call, or go on dates. It also can fit nicely into your schedule. "I have an hour before I have to study for my test. Wanna fool around?"

    Clearly, casual sex is popular on college campuses around the country for a reason. In a life filled with tests, papers, jobs, grad school applications, and constant friendship drama, having someone there purely for sex is a relief. Casual encounters don't have to be about sex all the time either. Even some kisses or heavy petting is nice from time to time.
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      posted 3/12/09 @ 6:07 PM EST

      You have got to be kidding me. This passes for journalism? What a truly sad and unfulfilled life you must have in order to casually sleep around just to relieve stress. (Continued…)

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      posted 3/13/09 @ 3:30 PM EST

      You're clearly not getting any.

      Details   Reply to this comment


      posted 3/19/09 @ 12:51 PM EST

      I agree with Andrew. What a load of filth you guys continue to publish every week. It saddens me to know that some dumb slut is going to put this on their resume for writing when all she does it write about sleeping around and how it fits nicely with relieving stress due to midterms? Now I've heard everything. (Continued…)

      Details   Reply to this comment


      posted 4/02/09 @ 2:37 PM EST

      ugh, wow. this is ridiculous.

      I bet this sh** was printed in color, too. what a waste.

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