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Spartan Spotlight: Margaret Brennesholtz

Greg Meyer

Issue date: 1/30/09 Section: Sports
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Margaret Brennesholtz is a senior thrower on the track and field team. She began throwing for the track team four years ago in her hometown of Pleasantville, N.Y. She is a nursing major and expecting to graduate this year.

Greg Meyer: Who was it that inspired you to throw?

Margaret Brennesholtz: I began my career on the track team my sophomore year of high school when the softball coach was a very unpleasant person.

GM: That seems like a logical progression, from softballs, to much harder and heavier objects. What are some of your hobbies here at Case?

MB: I'm known to frequent the Juggling Club in my spare time.

GM: So when you've mastered tennis balls and oranges you are going to move on to chainsaws and flaming torches, right? What are some of your athletic honors during your career as a Spartan?

MB: Future third-place finisher in the weight throw at the 2009 Indoor conference championships.

GM: Well, congratulations in advance. Your nickname on the team must be "Broadway" Margaret Brennesholtz. What is your favorite quote?

MB: "Stop saying I can't."

GM: Sounds like some harsh training motivation. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

MB: Philadelphia.

GM: That is it? No job, no family, just Philadelphia? I wish you the best of luck. What makes track and field stand out from other sports?

MB: Throwing is the only sport where you can eat whatever you want before and even during competition.

GM: Legend has it that Brandon Jefferies once ate a Wendy's Baconator before, during, and after competition. Would you rather have the strength of 1000 women, be invisible, or be able to fly?

MB: Having the strength of 1000 women would make me a sweet thrower.

GM: You could easily shoot for first place in the conference championships with the strength of 1000 women. If they made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?

MB: Amanda Kline.

GM: I see, picking on the freshman to do your dirty work. What's your least favorite thing about track and field?

MB: Crossfit circuit….

GM: I'm sure that is extremely hard, but it sounds like one of those hokey city park fitness trail workouts. What's the one thing that most people don't know about track and field?

MB: Most people need the throwing events explained to them in terms of the shape of the implement and if you "spin around" before you throw.

GM: I could never master that discus stuff. I would always scratch after the spin. What goes through your mind during a competition?

MB: I have six chances to prove myself. Let's make them good.

GM: What's the high point in the track and field season?

MB: Well, track actually has two seasons. The height of the indoor season is conference but the outdoor season is the first day it is warm enough to practice outside in shorts.

GM: So you're telling me that the outdoor season doesn't start until the end of May? Any insight on how the season is going so far?

MB: This season is going .05 meters farther than last season so far. But hopefully that .05 meters will turn into 2.5 meters.

GM: So you're saying there is a chance. Good luck to you guys at the conference championship.
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