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Village at 115 not equipped for winter temps

Issue date: 1/30/09 Section: Opinion
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To the Editor:

I live in House 3 of the Village at 115. "The Village at 115" has a stately ring to it, and few could deny that, on the exterior, these buildings look magnificent. However, take it from somebody who has experienced living in the Village: don't judge a book by its cover.

The past couple of weeks have put the shortcomings of these cheaply built dorms under a microscope. As frigid temperatures clamped down on Cleveland, my room literally became a freezer. I had to wear several layers to bed just to stay warm. Why so cold? There are a number of reasons:

1) Poor insulation.

2) A cheap, single-paned window that offers no barrier to the cold air. Although, I suppose if I run out of refrigerator space, I can start setting things on my windowsill.

3) Paper-thin walls. Speaking of which, don't bother setting an alarm on Saturday mornings during the football season. These walls are no match for the marching band's 8 a.m. warm-up.

4) I live on the first level of a suite that spans two floors, and the thermostat is on the top floor. That means that when the second floor of the suite reaches the set temperature of the thermostat, the heat turns off. You'd think a university that specializes in the trade could engineer itself around the age-old scientific principle of "heat rises."

I have several other grievances - among them the annoying card-access, automatic-locking doors (forget your card when you take a shower and you're in for a fun night), the bare-bones workout room which could have been a laundry facility for House 3 (last semester, two of the whopping eight cardio machines were out of order for months), and the uncomfortable rental furniture that seems to adorn every residence building on campus.

For those of you who are strongly considering living in the Village, I can understand your interest. It's easy to be blinded by the fancy title and the prospect of air conditioning. It's hot in Cleveland during the school year for all of two weeks, so keep your pants on.

Don't make the same mistake I did.

Don't cough up $8000 for a place to live when there are better facilities both on campus and off for far cheaper.

Mark Wrobleski

Undergraduate student
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Andy Wang

posted 1/30/09 @ 8:43 PM EST

Hey Mark.

Guess What??? I think you're funny.
forget your card when you take a shower and you're in for a fun night

But I believe you forgot to mention that the bathrooms in the Village are "adequately heated". (Continued…)

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Andy Wang

posted 1/30/09 @ 8:54 PM EST

But further checking of the promotional information from the Hundert era specifically says that the walls were equipped with R20 insulation.

So are you saying that R20 insulation was not enough???

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Andy Wang

posted 1/30/09 @ 8:55 PM EST

And here's a link for the promotional brochure

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posted 2/01/09 @ 5:03 PM EST


Thank you for your non-substantive article full of complaints.
I think you may be mistaken in thinking that your silver LEED certified building has inadequate insulation or 'paper-thin walls'. (Continued…)

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