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IMPROVment starts semester with doubleheader

The only way you may not have heard about Case Western Reserve University's resident award-winning improv comedy troupe IMPROVment is if you've been living in the World of Warcraft since you've been on campus. The troupe's adoring fans have braved both pouring rain and frigid snow and packed themselves into the Eldred Black Box theater in order to see their performances. (0) comments

Spring TV season holds both promise and dismay for viewers

Television lineups for the spring season hold a bittersweet taste for viewers' visual palettes. While some favorite shows such as House and Gossip Girl have recovered after being shaken by the writer's strike, other shows such as Boston Legal and Prison Break have not fared so well and are now on their terminal breaths. (2) comments

Film awards still up in the air for this year's nominees

With the distraction of a month-long break from school, it's quite possible that many movies released over the past few weeks have been unfortunately overlooked. One could argue that most of The Observer's choices for top 10 movies published in the last issue would be replaced entirely! Fortunately, the Golden Globes results and Oscar nominations provide reminders of quality films that may have been missed over the school break. (0) comments

Popular music offers spring reprieve from winter deep freeze in 2009

If you dig down deep enough, eventually you'll hit oil. Well, the annual winter drought of quality new releases in the music world has finally ended, and with the dawning of 2009, the world will be treated to a new batch of albums from some of today's best artists. (0) comments

Spartans of style: teaching your winter wardrobe a lesson

Subarctic temperatures and grey, dreary landscapes are a cold, depressing reality of Cleveland winters. Luckily, a drab, chilly wardrobe doesn't have to be! With all of the fabulous fashion finds available right now, we're surprised all of you overachieving Case kids haven't already read up on the latest winter fashions. (0) comments

The Worst Case Scenario: Schedule scheming

Today marks the very last day of freedom for Case students; the day the door closes, the chains are clamped on, and the opportunities die. Today is judgment day - the very final day of the drop/add period. As the deadline creeps closer and closer, many students find themselves in a hopeless panic. (0) comments

The Secret Ingredient: Almonds

Packed with protein, fiber, and an assortment of vitamins and minerals, almonds are a delicious and satisfying snack. The nuts are great on the go as a snack, but they can also be a wonderful addition to a variety of recipes. From sweet treats to a crunchy addition to fish or chicken, there is definitely a place for almonds in your everyday diet. (0) comments

Film Society's sci-fi marathon brings classic tradition back to Case for the 34th year

Tradition in any institution eliminates time barriers and reincarnates old sentiment, even as it develops over time. We're all aware that Case has its own fair share of traditions, one of which exploded onto our campus recently. This past weekend, the 34th Annual Sci-Fi Marathon, put on by the Film Society, was held at Strosacker Auditorium. (0) comments

Sex and Dating: The relationship/ friendship balancing act

It's easy to lose sight of your surroundings. At Case especially, you tend to get into a groove that is hard to escape. Class, eat, study, sleep. Rinse, lather, and repeat. Unfortunately, that means that you might forget to be a good friend when you have a significant other. (1) comment

In This Issue


  • "Who is Josh?" - Intervarsity brings speaker to campus to explain
  • All about evaluating job offers
  • Alumni House encounters successes, struggles in first year and a half
  • Bon Appétit leads Case in implementing new strategies to reduce waste, carbon footprint
  • Have you heard about: The Student Sustainability Council?
  • New program begs question: What is an internship worth?
  • Presidential "fireside chat" gives students chance to speak with Snyder
  • USG forum invites discussion about potential grading change


  • Baseball: Team has new faces, going new places
  • Hockey gets early lead, then gives up nine straight goals in season-finale loss
  • Men's Basketball: Weekend games dropped to NYU, Brandeis
  • MLB Preview: Tribe will take Central control
  • Spartan Spotlight: Kristin Ko
  • Students give professors assignment: play better ball
  • Underwater, in the cortex
  • Women's Basketball: Spartans fall to East Coast elites

Fun Page

  • Crossword Answers
  • Jumble Answers
  • Sudoku Answers


  • Case Western community encouraged to participate in Relay For Life
  • Editorial - "University of Dreams" unfair, suspect
  • Fashion-forward London is challenge for American students
  • Lack of strong decision with regard to Bashir exposes ICC's shortcomings
  • USG ignoring, silencing students' concerns about change in grading


  • 81st Academy Awards ceremony drastically improves
  • Eldred's production of Medea is uneven, but worth seeing
  • Just in Case: Staying healthy on the run
  • Listen Up
  • Sex and Dating: The honeymoon phase
  • Six bands battle to open for The Black Keys at Springfest
  • The Buzz
  • The Secret Ingredient: Ginger
  • The Worst Case Scenario: Case's claim to fame
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