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Editorial: Semester grades

Network - I is for Irritating. We knew we were dependent on the Internet, but we never realized how dependent we are on the Internet until it started to fail sporadically. The planned outages weren't such a big deal unless you were doing work in the middle of the night. (0) comments

Ample sleep is best exam preparation

To the Editor: I note that the most recent issue of The Observer includes at least two references to students' common experience of sleep deprivation (a pie chart and an editorial cartoon). I understand completely that sometimes the demands of an academic life can lead to sleep loss. (0) comments

Accusation of racism was "thoughtless"

To the Editor: While I do have conflicting political beliefs about the signs in question, I wrote to discuss the specific incident Rami Mikati and Uri Strauss discussed in their letters. The thing that triggered me to write this letter was the disgusting way in which Strauss responded to the vandalism of the signs. (0) comments

Zionism does not equal colonialism

To the Editor: Uri Strauss' missive (Nov. 21) equating Zionism with colonialism is a house of cards teetering on a faulty - and disingenuous - premise. Colonialism refers to settlement authorized by and for the benefit of an outside mother country. Zionism has no external mother country; rather, the motherland is Israel itself. (0) comments

University should save energy this winter

To the Editor: Now that we are entering the winter season and the weather is becoming colder, the issue of heating our plethora of campus buildings at Case Western Reserve University becomes a major concern. Many of the academic buildings I have classes in are kept at excessively warm temperatures. (0) comments

Rational discourse is only path to peace

To the Editor: It is unfortunate that the Palestinian Awareness Week posters were sabotaged. This was obviously the wrong way to show disagreement; there are far more constructive ways to discuss these issues. With that said, the majority of the "facts" put up on our campus are either gross distortions or utterly false. (0) comments

Formal recruitment may be path to better college experience

Like 14 percent of Greeks you will talk to on this campus, I would have probably laughed if you had asked if I was considering going Greek when I came to Case. In fact, a majority of students that are currently members of Greek chapters on campus were negatively inclined toward joining Greek Life before their first semester at Case. (0) comments

Jewish students respond to letters

To the Editor: In the Nov. 21 edition of The Observer there were two letters to the editor that talked about the pro-Palestinian signs that were put up on the KSL Oval and other places in the university as part of Palestinian Awareness Week. The articles accused Jewish (Zionist) students of insensitivity, possibly vandalizing the signs, and feelings of insecurity when Israel and Zionism are questioned. (0) comments

The very last column

You are now reading the last "Quarked" column that will ever appear in The Observer. I know. I can barely handle the suspense either. But instead of launching into thoughts about graduating, something that would only serve to bore you and depress me, I'd like to talk about words instead. (0) comments

Art for art's sake

We are the purveyors of figures, the wizards of analysis. We are those who can turn your myriad of data points into a concise model. We are the engineers, the mathematicians, the physicists, the social scientists. Pencils ready and MATLAB at hand, we devote our time to quantifying phenomenon exactly, leaving them so completely described that it's as if we created them ourselves. (0) comments

There's no place like home

I have been extraordinarily busy over the last eight weeks, and I apologize to the readers of my article for not writing one sooner. I recently completed my international tour and am now ready to tell the world of my deeds. I started out on Oct. 3, young and full of hope. (0) comments

Incentives and interventions

"Incentives," which I have mentioned frequently in this column over the past two years, are an economic principle based on the assumption that rational actors will make decisions in predictable ways based on the visible set of rewards and costs laid out before them. (0) comments

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Fun Page

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  • Accusation of racism was "thoughtless"
  • Ample sleep is best exam preparation
  • Art for art's sake
  • Editorial: Semester grades
  • Formal recruitment may be path to better college experience
  • Incentives and interventions
  • Jewish students respond to letters
  • Rational discourse is only path to peace
  • The very last column
  • There's no place like home
  • University should save energy this winter
  • Zionism does not equal colonialism


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