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That's all, Mr. President? 43, Kent State University, Kent, OH

1 hour ago by DKS Editors

President Lefton was called by a Daily Kent Stater reporter about the riots on College Avenue, but he had no interest in much else besides being disturbed on a Saturday night.

There are better ways to remember May 4 16, Kent State University, Kent, OH

7 hours ago by Zach Wiita

As a student at Kent State, I've always felt that it was important I attend the May 4 Commemoration every year. Logistically, the May 4 Task Force has always done an impressive job. Still, each year I've attended, the event has seemed to not be about the Kent State shooting. Every year I've attended, in my view, has been about Iraq and George W. Bush.

14 charged with underage drinking, failure to disperse 6, Kent State University, Kent, OH

1 hour ago by Jenna Staul

Fourteen people were arraigned yesterday morning in connection to the College Fest riots Saturday night. Most were charged with underage drinking and failure to disperse - and each pleaded not guilty. Individuals who do not live on College Avenue were ordered by Judge John Plough of Kent Municipal Court to stay off of the street as a condition of their bail.

KSU Repairman doubles as a church pastor 3, Kent State University, Kent, OH

13 hours ago by Heather Scarlett

Cops firing pepper shots

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After years of working as an assistant pastor, Mike Adams, opened his own church, Charity Baptist, in Kent. Adams doubles as a maintenance repairman for the university so repairing machines and people goes hand-in-hand for the fix-it man.

Student Government in Crisis? 2

The Cauldron, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

9 hours ago by Chris Enoch

Elections are by nature, contested. At Cleveland State University, this ethic of democracy certainly holds true. Candidates spar and tackle initiatives, issue platform statements and campaign rigorously for weeks before the general election in order to advance favor with their student constituents.

It's 11 p.m., who do you want answering the phone? 2, Kent State University, Kent, OH

13 hours ago by Ted Hamilton

Regardless of whether you blame the students or the authorities for Saturday night's ruckus, one thing is for sure: The university could have handled the situation a lot better.

Half-marathon men (and woman) 1, Kent State University, Kent, OH

9 hours ago by

Some call it the mini-marathon. But 13.1 miles sounds like anything but mini. This weekend, sports reporters Pam Crimbchin, Chris Gates and Josh Johnston will find out exactly what it's like to run a half-marathon. While Pam heads south to compete in the Columbus Marathon tomorrow morning, Chris and Josh will go east on I-76 for Sunday's Pittsburgh Marathon.

Political Notebook: 1

The Cauldron, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

9 hours ago by Dan Langshaw

In 1773, a group of American colonists from Boston, Massachusetts dumped tea into the Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act imposed by the British Parliament. They believed that the act itself violated their rights to be taxed only by their own elected representatives.


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